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ATZINTLI: Pilot scale system for water treatment and carbon dioxide capture using microalgae and ozone.

Inadequate sewage treatment and its negative impact upon health, the economy and environment poses a significant challenge for Mexico. This is recognized by government as evidenced by the Mexican Water Agenda 2030. Advances have been made but there is still much to achieve. It was projected that by 2012, Mexico would count with infrastructure to treat 60% of the sewage produced; however, in 2013 the Mexican water body reported that only 50.2% was treated. A way of increasing treatment is by improving its economic feasibility through adopting novel technologies that generate revenue from sewage. The new treatment technology using microalgae and ozonoflotation is promising.  Our previous work has shown that successful sewage treatment is possible using microalgae to remove a variety of water pollutants. The microalgae generated can be separated using ozonoflotation, which also disinfects water. We have proven that this technology reduces carbon emissions and energy needed to clean water, producing microalgae and generating biomass that can used to produce biofuel, bioplastics or bio-nutrients.




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